What is Corian®

What is Corian<sup>®</sup>

Corian® is a composite material consisting of natural mineral ingredients, colored pigments and acrylic resin.

With innovative designs and an enduring colour palette, Corian® will make all of your design aspirations come true. Achieve your dreams while still selecting a quality product that will stand up to whatever life may throw at it. You can rest easy knowing you’ve picked a surface to last a lifetime!

Long-lasting, durable and elegant, Corian® Solid Surface by DuPont has a three-dimensional formability liberating inventive and artistic minds for 50 years.

Corian® Solid Surface finds application in interior fit-out as well as in exterior ventilated rain screen façade.

Corian® Solid Surface is a superior performance solution for surfacing application in a variety of commercial buildings – such as Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Offices and Food Services – as well as in the Residential Market.