Soliform Our Year 2020

Residential Building B73

B73 is a luxury residential building located in one of the most attractive places in Sofia, Bulgaria – 73 James Boulevard Blvd, address giving the name of the building. The customer’s desire is to create an innovative, memorable building that is both well-designed and functional.

The idea of ​​the architect is to build a building without compromising the quality of the materials and technologies used.

The building is covered with 920 m2 Corian® Solid Surface ventilated facade panels mechanically attached to the substructure. Three-dimensional shapes of cladding panels are only possible with Corian® Solid Surface, thanks to its thermoforming capabilities, with an optimal number of visible joints, which contributes to the realisation of the architect’s concept.

Novotel, Leicester, UK

Novotel is located opposite the Highcross shopping center, which is scheduled to open in 2019, along with new office buildings. The former Leicester Central Station will be restored and a new public area, known as the Great Central Square, will be built. All these factors will contribute to the occupancy of the hotel.

The project includes 150 rooms for which Soliform supplies furniture items from Corian® Solid Surface.

Novotel has its own color of Corian® Solid Surface, which lends its interiors a unique look. Corian® Solid Surface is easy to maintain and resume after years of wear and tear – something very important for the hospitality industry.

TECHNOMEBEL 2019 Exhibition

Soliform had the pleasure to take part in TECHNOMEBEL 2019 with an innovative stand.

TECHNOMEBEL is a specialised exhibition, which gathers all the professionals in the field of furniture production. Among the exhibitors are traditionally Bulgarian manufacturers as well as representatives for Bulgaria of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines, materials and accessories for furniture production.

The exhibition is one of the leading business events for the region, offering five days of B2B meetings with specialists from the country and abroad, hours of professional forums, demonstrations and time for discussions.

Office Investments & Workspace Forum 2019

Soliform took part in Office Investments & Workspace Forum 2019, organised by City Media Group.

The main topic of the Forum was the Office, which has long been not only an acreage but an essential element of the business model of leading global companies – key players in the struggle to attract and retain human capital.

Projects that, in addition, are planned and implemented at the right location, are in a rhythm with the changing office space utilisation model – flexible, technological, providing the most favourable external and internal environment for its users.